Hometown – Mac Gordon


“There have been numerous accounts written and shared about the tragic events of the civil rights movement in the deep South during the 1960s. Each story has its own horrific nature, more often than not associated with a particular geographical location. Through the eyes of a native man, a journalist by trade, we made observers of the sordid behavior that tore apart the city of McComb, Mississippi and its surrounding area. This is a story of stubborn resistance, incredible cruelty, and the birth of new hope.”
–Clay F. Lee
Bishop, Retired
The United Methodist Church

“No one is better qualified to write of the events recounted in this intriguing volume than Mac Gordon. Not only is he a very talented writer but what makes this book so special is the fact that he and his family were eyewitnesses and at times even targets of the terrorism and violence that marked the civil rights struggles of the 1960’s in his hometown of McComb, Mississippi. Because he was there and knew personally so many of the people involved he is able to present this moving account of those happenings with a chilling authenticity.”
–William F. Winter
Former Mississippi Governor

“Only a writer with the skills of Mac Gordon could make readers feel some sense of nostalgia for coming of age in Jim Crow Mississippi. But Gordon’s marvelous memoir that centers around his family’s home area of Southwest Mississippi, moves readers from the hoary verities of that era to tell the stories long buried in the sediment of its supremacist culture. It’s a brave book peopled with brave locals, and it will go no small distance in beseeching Liberty to live up to its noble name.”
–Davis Houch
Florida State University


About the author:
Mac Gordon is a retired newspaper reporter and editor who also worked in state government communications. His newspaper career carried him from the Enterprise-Journal to the Jackson Daily News, Brownsville (Texas) Herald, Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, Meridian Star, Leland Progress, Albany (Georgia) Herald and the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. He is a U.S. Navy veteran of the Vietnam War. He and his wife, Mary Lee Chandler Gordon, live in Georgia. He has one daughter, Luci Gordon Henry, and four active grandson, Branson, Logan, Nicholas, and Hayes. He also serves as a contributing editor in the Magnolia Gazette.

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