Submissions to be considered for inclusion in China Grove – China Grove will continue to be devoted to publishing essays, short fiction, poetry, and historically important esoterica.

Submissions are accepted year round on a rolling basis, if the current issue is filled the submission will roll over to the following year. China Grove will be published on an annual basis as a book containing the best pieces we receive.

To submit an essay, story, or poem for consideration.

Submit to China Grove


Submissions of books to China Grove Press – Submissions are by request only, no unsolicited submissions, meaning don’t send us a book unless we ask for it!

Usually, we either have to have published you in the journal, know your writing, or meet you at one of the conferences we attend, our line up is set for 18 months in advance. Advances are based on the status and prior publishing history of the author, they start at $2,000 advance and 10% of revenues from the property, and go up from there, as negotiated with the author or their agent. As to what we publish it is simply a matter of the tastes of the Editors, we do poetry, literary fiction, non-fiction, history, and general fiction.  It just has to be well written.

You can  send an e-mail with a bio and short summary (no attachments- put it in the body of the e-mail) to, and we can start from there.